"I decided that the single most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed."


Anne Lamott

Sisters on Tour...

Two things about Kris & Maripat - they love life and they love Chicago!  We felt this energy on our tour and that’s what made it so amazing.  They took us to adorable restaurants, advised us on the best boat tour, took us on fun walking paths, and showed us out of way spots we would never have known about without their guidance.  I’m from Texas and to be honest - I never thought of Chicago as a fun place - just another big city.  But after touring with Kris & Maripat, Chicago is now one of my favorite places!  The views, the comedy, the food!  I want to come back at a different time of year and do it all again - but only with Kris & Maripat!

Jennifer F. ~ Houston, TX

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Just like a Local:

We had no idea that Chicago had so many wonderful secret places.  We felt like we are locals.  It's so much better to immerse ourselves, just like locals.

Thanks for taking such good care of of all of us.

Bonnie G. ~ Ft Wayne, IN


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New Favorite City
Someone asked me recently, which city is my favorite, and I did not hesitate to say "Chicago!" I have to give Kris & Maripat so much credit for that because they showed me and my friends a side of Chicago I had never experienced before. This is coming from someone who used to live in the suburbs of Illinois just 40 minutes away from the city, so I had been to the city before. Kris & Maripat took us to places I had not even thought of visiting and it was so much fun! I don't even like to run and I grew to love the city so much that I simply had to run alongside Lake Michigan and the Chicago River every morning that I was there. I can't wait to get back and do it all again!

Thanks so much Maripat & Kris! Shecago Tours is Amazing!

Tanya C. ~ Crystal River, FL

Transformed from a Tourist:

"Being from the Midwest, I have been to Chicago numerous times.  During my most recent trip however I was transformed from a tourist into a seasoned local under the generous guidance of Maripat and Kris.  I gained a whole new perspective and came to love SheCago!  I was particularly appreciative of the hidden gems that they shared during our time together, from the architecture, to walks filled with background stories of how things came to be, to great places to enjoy a healthy meal, and this was all done with ease.  I was truly nourished by the experience. Thank you Maripat and Kris for creating SheCago Tours."


Ginny L. ~ Green Bay, WI

Chicago, IL 60601

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