Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are over-night accommodations included in the 2-Day Retreat & Tour price?
A:  No, we've priced the Retreat & Tour to include two lunches, one dinner, one comedy show, one Ferris Wheel ride, one water taxi, and one happy hour drink, along with walking tours of iconic and secret spaces & places (and a sneak peek inside a residence on the lake front).  Click here for a link to the full schedule.
Many people seem to know someone who lives in Chicago.  If that's you, then why pay for a hotel room you won't need. 

If you need to book a reservation in the 60601 zip code area, since this is where the majority of our tour takes place, here are a few good hotels to check out:

Hyatt Regency Chicago

Raddison Blu Aqua Chicago


The Fairmont Millennium Park Chicago

The Julian

St. Jane

Q:  What if there's something on the tour I don't want to do (I'm afraid of Ferris Wheels)? 
A:  We're both Moms of grown-up kids, so we've stopped making people do things they don't want.  However, please let us know where you'll be so we don't worry (that part of motherhood sticks).
Q:  How strenuous is the walking part of the tour?
A:  Not.  There are places to sit and reflect (or people watch) along the walking tour, but it's not too far ... remember we're all aging,  gracefully.
Q:  What if we want to stay for the weekend, and check out more of the city?
A:  Great!  That means we've done our job.  We book this tour for Thursday & Friday, when it's easier to get around, so we can show you more.  We are happy to give you more ideas of new things to try, or you can go back to some of the secret spaces & places and linger at your pace.
Q:  What if the weather is bad? 
A:  We love the city rain or shine.  We know all the best secret spaces & places, even the Pedway (underground safe walk way).  We're Mom/Safe always, if there's a snowpocalypse or other extreme weather we'll cancel and refund your money.  You can read more in our General Information Policy about how that works.
Q:  Speaking of refunds, what happens if I can't make it after I pay for my tour?
A:  We'll miss you!  We outline our refund policy on the General Information Policy page.
Q:  How many people do you take on the tour?  Can I bring a "he"?
A:  We like to keep the tours small, with no more than 10 participants. 
Yes, book with your favorite guy, or sister, or friend or son or daughter or ...  We can't wait to show you around.
Q:  Is Chicago a good place to visit?
A:  YES!  Check out this article, "Chicago River Tour Second Only to Vatican according to TripAdvisor."

To book your Retreat & Tour for $549

To book for Two (2) participants at $499 each, and save $100, click below for $998:

Please read and sign our Waiver of Liability. More details on General Policies page including rescheduling, refunding and etc.

SheCago Autumn Retreat & Tour:
If you're too busy this summer, then plan to join us in the fall.  It's a beautiful time in Chicago to enjoy the city, and renew yourself before the busy holiday season kicks in to high gear.
More information click here.
If you want to put your deposit in for this tour, give Maripat a call at 920-265-6312 or call Kris at 847-815-6167.
Holiday Traditions in Chicago Tour:  
December  5 & 6, 2019
Join us the beginning of December to start your Holiday Season with traditions and celebrations.  Be sure to bring a few friends, and you'll all have a fun time renewing your spirit before the responsibilities of making merry for everyone else.
More information click here.
If you want to put your deposit in for this tour, give Maripat a call at 920-265-6312 or call Kris at 847-815-6167.

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